4 tips to travel safely in Tanzania

Tanzania is a relatively safe country. Nonetheless, it's important to be cautious and use common sense. Read these tips and the 12 practical travel tips for Tanzania to be well-prepared for your journey.

1. On my own

It's quite possible to travel independently through Tanzania. However, it's advisable to plan your trip a bit and figure out how to get to specific places. In Tanzania, there are buses where you can buy tickets online. Additionally, there are smaller vans where you often need to buy a ticket on the spot. These vans usually depart once they're full. Moreover, it's preferable to travel mostly during daylight hours. So, depart on time on travel days when moving from one place to another, or leave attractions early enough.

2. I am popular

As a tourist, you'll attract a lot of attention on the streets and may frequently be approached or called out to. At times, it might feel like being a king parading in a carriage. People often engage out of genuine interest or because they're glad you're in their country, but also because you have money and they might want something from you. There might be instances where people follow you for a short while. It's important to set your boundaries clearly from the start. In crowded places, other locals often step in to help if they see someone persisting unnecessarily.

It's possible that, for instance children, might call out 'Mzungu' to you. This means 'white/foreign person'. It's generally not meant negatively; it's more out of enthusiasm or because they enjoy it when you wave back.

Moreover, it's crucial to be cautious in the evenings and to gauge if it's safe enough to walk around, especially for women. You can ask your lodge, hotel, or hostel to arrange a bajaji (tuk-tuk) if you need to go somewhere in the evening, like a restaurant. Later, you can ask the restaurant to arrange a bajaji to return to your hotel.

3. Vaccinations

To travel safely in Tanzania, you'll need various vaccinations. It's advisable to consult your general practitioner/doctor or a travel vaccination center for guidance. They can provide you with suitable advice.

Vaccine coverage varies by country and health insurance policy. Whether you receive vaccinations, which ones are covered, and the extent of coverage can differ. It's helpful to check this in advance.

4. Emergency

In case of an emergency, here are the emergency numbers for Tanzania:

General emergency: 112
Fire department: 114
Ambulance: 115

Keep in mind that healthcare is organized differently in Tanzania, and it may take longer to receive assistance.

In case of illness, it's wise to go to a private clinic where healthcare is better organized than in a public hospital. You can also contact your travel insurance for guidance. Remember that you'll need to pay for healthcare services in cash at the hospital, and you might not always receive a receipt to claim from your insurance. Additionally, you can always contact the embassy of your country in Tanzania.

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