The best tips for Ba Na Hills

The enchanting world of Ba Na Hills presents a different side of Vietnam. Nestled in the high mountains near the city of Da Nang, this is a tourist amusement park that resembles a piece of Europe. From one of the longest cable car rides globally to the renowned Golden Bridge, Ba Na Hills offers plenty to provide you with a spectacular day.

Wat exactly is Ba Na Hills?

Ba Na Hills is an amusement park atop a mountain. You could somewhat compare it to visiting Disneyland on a mountain. Within the park, there are a few attractions, like a carousel, but you won't find roller coasters here. It's more of a themed park with features like French-style cottages.

How did the park come about?

The place of Ba Na was discovered around 1919 by a French captain searching for an ideal location to build a resort. Ba Na was deemed the perfect spot. French settlers then constructed a resort destination for French tourists. Situated at 1,500 meters above sea level, it offers stunning views of the sea and mountains.

There are different speculations about the origin of the name Ba Na Hills. Some believe Ba Na means 'my mountain' in the Katu language, the original language of the local tribe. Others think the place was abundant with banana plants and the French named it 'banane,' the French word for banana, which the Vietnamese then translated to Ba Na.

After Vietnam gained independence, efforts were made to attract tourists, eventually leading to the establishment of Ba Na Hills in the 21st century.

How do you get there?

The cities of Da Nang and Hoi An are close to Ba Na Hills. From both places, there are various options to get to Ba Na Hills.


From Da Nang and Hoi An, you can take a taxi to Ba Na Hills. From Da Nang, a one-way trip costs between 15 and 20 dollars. Hoi An is a bit farther from Ba Na Hills, and here you'd pay around 30 dollars for a one-way trip. You can negotiate a deal with the taxi driver for both the journey there and back. Due to the distance, many taxi drivers are available to wait for you at Ba Na Hills.


There are various minivan options available from Da Nang or Hoi An to Ba Na Hills. You can easily arrange this through platforms like Bookaway and Get Your Guide. Prices from Da Nang range between 8 and 15 dollars. From Hoi An, the prices are slightly higher due to the greater distance, varying between 15 and 45 dollars.


From Da Nang, there are various bus options to get to Ba Na Hills. The trips start at 8:00 in the morning, with the last one departing at 4:30 in the afternoon. It's advisable to inquire at your accommodation about the right bus and the appropriate bus station, as the locals are best informed. They can also assist you in arranging bus tickets.


If you've rented a scooter, you can ride it to Ba Na Hills. It takes about 2.5 hours from Hoi An and 1.5 hours from Da Nang. We recommend heading back in good time to avoid riding in the dark. You can park your scooter for free at Ba Na Hills.


Another option is to join an organized tour, often inclusive of transportation. The advantage of a tour is that everything is arranged for you, often including lunch, and the cost is usually the same or less than if you organize everything separately. However, a downside is that during the park visit, you'll be accompanied by a guide, even though exploring the park on your own is also quite feasible.

How do you arrange tickets for Ba Na Hills?

Adults pay 35 dollars for an entrance ticket. You can arrange online tickets via the Sunworld Ba Na Hills website, which is the official site. Day tickets and evening tickets are available. When purchasing a ticket through the website, online payment is required. We attempted to pay using our Visa and MasterCard, but were unsuccessful. An alternative is to purchase tickets at the park. Generally, this process is relatively quick, and you won't experience excessively long wait times. The entrance ticket includes the cable car ride to and from Ba Na Hills, access to the Golden Bridge, activities in the Fantasy Park, and various shows. However, additional fees may apply for food, beverages, and specific special activities within the park.

Opening hours

Ba Na Hills is generally open from 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM.


Ba Na Hills is situated high in the mountains, and it's often cool in the park. Clouds frequently envelop the area, leading to frequent rain. It's advisable to bring along a sweater and long pants. Additionally, having an umbrella or rain gear would be useful.


When you arrive at Ba Na Hills with a suitcase or backpack, it's possible to store your luggage for free at the storage facility located at the park entrance.

Beste travel time

The rainy season in Da Nang spans from September to December, increasing the likelihood of rain at Ba Na Hills. However, the park tends to be less crowded during this period as the peak season typically falls between April and August.

As a tourist amusement park, Ba Na Hills attracts many visitors. It's advisable to arrive as early as possible to experience quieter surroundings.

What to do in Ba Na Hills?

Ba Na Hills is a large park offering a full day of entertainment with various attractions. Upon entry, you receive a map to help navigate the park. It's suitable for a day trip from Hoi An or Da Nang, but there's also the option to stay overnight in a hotel within the park. Let us share some of the park's best tips!

1. Take a ride on one of the most amazing cable cars in the world!

To reach the mountain park, you'll need to take the cable car—a highlight in itself! It's one of the tallest and longest cable car rides globally, lasting about 15 minutes to the first station. During this journey, you'll enjoy stunning vistas of lush green mountains. Quite impressive! Ba Na Hills boasts a total of five cable car lines throughout the park, as the park's attractions are situated at various elevations.

2. Walk among the clouds on the Golden Bridge!

The Golden Bridge is one of the park's highlights, and chances are you've seen it in photos. It opened in 2018 and quickly gained popularity due to its striking design. The golden bridge is supported by enormous stone hands that cradle the structure. Perched at 4593 feet above sea level, it offers breathtaking views on clear days and an enigmatic feel when shrouded in clouds.

Visiting the bridge early in the day is recommended to avoid crowds. Later on, it tends to get crowded, making it more challenging to stroll peacefully. The Golden Bridge is located within Ba Na Hills Park. Access to the bridge is included with the park's entrance ticket, and it's not possible to purchase a separate ticket solely for the bridge.

3. Visit the Linh Ung Pagoda

In the park, alongside attractions, you'll discover pagodas. The Linh Ung Pagoda features a large white Buddha statue overlooking the mountains. Walking here gives the sensation of visiting a temple rather than an amusement park. From the pagoda, you'll relish a stunning view of the mountains!

In addition to this pagoda, you'll encounter other religious temples in the park that are worth exploring!

4. Immerse yourself in France at the French Village

The French Village is a unique phenomenon within the park. It feels like wandering around a European mountain village. The village is designed based on French and European architecture and ambiance. You'll find a large square, colorful flowers, and a cathedral. In the French Village, you can stroll through charming streets and among colorful buildings. To add an extra touch, there are beautiful medieval castles, creating a fairy tale atmosphere. When it's cloudy, the mist adds an extra magical feel. There are various restaurants in the French Village where you can try French dishes or enjoy a good glass of beer.

5. Relive your childhood at the Fantasy Park

The Fantasy Park offers a whole different side of the park. This indoor hall features attractions like 3D, 4D, and even 5D cinemas! You'll also find arcade games, rock climbing, a dinosaur world, a wax museum, and so much more! Most activities in the Fantasy Park are included in the entrance ticket. However, certain attractions, like the wax museum, may have an additional fee. It's a place where you can have a blast!

6. Zoom around the mountain on the Alpine Coaster!

In the park, you'll find a toboggan run, also known as Alpine Coaster. Here, you can race around the mountain in a cart. You control your speed, so you can go as fast or slow as you'd like. There are two toboggan runs in the park. One is included in the admission ticket, but the queue might be longer. Signs indicate the approximate wait times. There's also a toboggan run where you have to pay extra, but the queue is usually shorter.

7. Take a romantic stroll through Le Jardin d'Amour

In the flower garden Le Jardin d’Amour, you'll discover nine vibrant gardens adorned with flowers, each with a distinct theme. It's a lovely place to wander through briefly, especially if you're on a day trip. However, we recommend not spending too much time here as the rest of the park holds more extraordinary attractions.

8. Enjoy delicious wine in the wine cellar

Ba Na Hills also has a wine cellar, created by French settlers in 1923. The wine cellar is built into a rocky mountain, where the temperature ranges between 16 and 20 degrees Celsius (61-68 degrees Fahrenheit), perfect for wine. The wine cellar is one of the few activities in the park that is not artificially replicated. Inside, you can enjoy various wines and learn about the winemaking process. Previously, admission to the wine cellar was included in the park ticket, but now there's an additional fee for this experience.

9. Visit Ba Na Hills during a festival

There are various festivals throughout the year at Ba Na Hills, such as the Flower Festival. This makes a visit to the park even more special. It's best to check the Sunworld website for updates on new events.

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