2 beautiful projects for volunteering in Vietnam through Workaway

Volunteering in Vietnam is a beautiful adventure! It's the perfect way to truly immerse yourself in the country's culture and discover more about yourself. The memories you create are invaluable for a lifetime. Vietnam is the perfect destination to blend volunteering and travel seamlessly.

Volunteering through Workaway in Vietnam

Workaway is a platform where individuals from around the world can sign up. There are people who register as hosts, seeking assistance with various tasks. Additionally, there are individuals who wish to temporarily live and/or work abroad, searching for a host. Hosts typically offer accommodation and meals in exchange for help.

What are the benefits of Workaway?

The advantage of Workaway is that there are thousands of projects worldwide, providing plenty of choices for projects in Vietnam. There's a high likelihood of finding a project that suits your preferences. Additionally, you often end up in a host family, allowing you to quickly immerse yourself in local life. Another benefit is that costs remain low since you hardly spend any money on accommodation and meals. Some hosts may request a small daily fee for your stay.

What are the disadvantages of Workaway?

When staying with a host through Workaway, you have virtually no costs. It's important to note that for Workaway, you pay an annual fee to respond to hosts. This fee is 49 USD for an individual and 59 USD for a couple.

Furthermore, you negotiate the terms of your stay with your host and handle matters such as obtaining a visa on your own. For some, this provides a lot of freedom, while others may prefer having a volunteering organization to rely on. It's essential to consider what suits you best. You can refer to our article 'The 10 Most Important Tips for Volunteering in Vietnam' for more information. Here, we also provide additional details about volunteering in Vietnam through volunteer organizations.

What are exciting volunteer projects in Vietnam?

Through Workaway, we have connected with two wonderful projects in Vietnam. We have visited both projects, and we are very enthusiastic about them. These two projects make a valuable contribution to society.

Our Story - Hanoi

The Our Story project is dedicated to supporting young people in Hanoi with autism and/or intellectual disabilities. Many of these youths still attend primary school or other care facilities, but there is no suitable place for them afterward. Our Story helps these young people through education and teaching new skills. They receive English lessons, computer classes, and training in social skills. The youths also learn to go to the market to buy vegetables and fruits, and then prepare them. Our Story aims to assist these young people in finding a suitable place for further development. For example, some youths with autism may secure jobs in the field of ICT. The project is unique as there is limited support in Vietnam for children and young people with disabilities.

At Our Story, they are looking for volunteers to help the young people with learning English, cooking, and selling handmade products. There are no costs for accommodation and meals.

The people at Our Story are very kind and dedicated to the well-being of the young people. They strive to provide the best possible future for these youths and do everything they can to make it happen.

Our Story is always in search of new volunteers. You can check their Facebook for contact information and more details.

If you don't have time to volunteer, you can also decide to visit their coffee bar, called Thảnh thơi Coffee. Here, you can enjoy a drink. In this way, the young people learn to work in a bar and serve guests. It's a great opportunity to explore another part of the city and support an inspiring project!

AN’s Book Garden - Hoi An

The AN's Book Garden project in Hoi An is dedicated to teaching English to neighborhood children. The founder of the project is named Hoang. She lives in Hoi An and has a home library where regular English activities are organized for children aged 6 to 12. Activities include crafting, reading aloud, and making music. By improving children's English skills, Hoang aims to enhance their future opportunities.

AN's Book Garden is always on the lookout for enthusiastic new volunteers. The library activities mainly take place in the early evening and on weekends when children are free from school. The project provides free accommodation, but meals are not included.

Hoang is a kind woman who wants the best for the children. She is highly interested in others and enjoys brainstorming activities with volunteers for the children. She speaks English well, facilitating good communication with volunteers. Check the project's Facebook for delightful photos and more information.

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